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I provide psychotherapy and contemporary psychoanalysis to adults of all ages and backgrounds in an attuned, caring, and deeply respectful way.


I help people overcome painful anxiety, shame, depression, relationship problems, loss, and the challenges of creating a thriving and meaningful life.  As a Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over thirty years, I bring to my work an effective blend of empathy, conceptual understanding, and extensive professional training.  


I hold degrees from Harvard University, McGill University, and Adelphi University. I am on the Faculties of the National Training Program in Contemporary Psychoanalysis at NIP in New York, and the Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. 


I teach courses in relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, transference and countertransference, and the interpretation of dreams.  I provide individual and group supervision in relational psychotherapy to mental health professionals in Michigan and around the country.  I publish and present papers nationally and internationally.

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